Proof we really have a shitload of Edgy Wine boxes.

We are Edgy Wine®.

We make wine accessories that make your drinking life easier.


This is our damn wine foil cutter.

It takes the top foil off your wine bottle so you can screw the cork out. Simple as heck, really.


Edgy Wine Foil Cutter and Box

Introducing the Edgy Wine foil cutter.

It's bright freaking red.

You can't lose the darn thing. Plus it makes you cooler, or hotter, depending on who you ask.


It Comes In A Kick-Butt Box.

Why waste time wrapping a darn present when you can use that time to drink more wine? Think about it.


What's in the flipping EDGY box?

Buy the Edgy Wine foil cutter on Amazon.

Buy the cool thing on Amazon.

For yourself or as a gift. Or as a gift to yourself. Screw it. You deserve it. And a glass of wine. Do it. Now.



Edgy Wine: For those days you just need to get shit-faced in a hurry.

At Edgy Wine®, we take our wine drinking as seriously as drinking a cup of freaking water. Sure, we want it to taste good, but we don't give a dang if we taste hints of plums, cherries, or dingleberries.

We drink to be merry. And to celebrate the end of a long-ass day and hope we're buzzed enough that we don't remember half of it by morning.

But don't get us wrong. We respect and even honor the classy, distinguished wine drinkers of the world. But we'll still kick their butt in a game of wine pong and down their $400 bottle of wine like we did with our Yellow Tail last night. That's how we roll.


We are not wine snobs at Edgy Wine. Hell no.You can spot them a mile away. They swish and twirl their wine and inspect it like it's the last darn drop of liquid on earth.

They often speak of hints of chocolate or oak, or whisper about sweet notes of vanilla or perfume when it comes to their wines.

And when they finally do take a sip after their long wine inspection ritual, immediately their pinky raises in the air, as if to salute all other wine snobs of the world.

Screw that!

Give us our darn convenience store wine and we're happy. Whether we drink our wine from a wine glass, pixie cup, dixie cup, coffee cup, a freaking box, or even out of the bottle when we're roaming through our local Renaissance festival, that's us baby. We're EDGY like that.

We are the exact opposite of a wine snob. Sure, we know we don't fit in, but we're darn proud of that. EDGY Wine was not created to fit in like every other wine or wine accessory company. Heck no! You see, EDGY Wine was created for you. The Edgy Winos.

You know who you are. You know how to have a good time with your wine and you've mastered the art of relaxing like a champion. And you are the exact opposite of a wine snob, and you're freakin' proud of it.


The EDGY Wine opener will help you take the foil off your wine bottle.

Our mission is to quickly build a kick-butt wine accessory company with a poop-load of products that we and our customers can have fun with on and offline. That's it. End of story. Pretty freaking simple.

We are a very small start-up and work our butts off until 2 AM nearly every freaking day and sometimes drink loads of wine to create and launch new products.

And we cannot launch new products without the support from you - our Edgy Wino community. We love you guys. And we're not just saying that because we're drunk right now.

One Coolest Wine Accessory?

Yes. We have just one freaking product right now. Big deal, right? But with everyone's support, we can and will add many more kick-butt EDGY products just as fast as you can pound down wine shots on a Friday night.

Let's make it happen together and show these wine snobs of the world who we really are - and how to really bring out the fun that's bottled up in every wine bottle or box!

So join us, Edgy Winos. Buy our stuff. Like and share us on Facebook below. Support the anti-wine snob movement that has officially started. Have fun. Get EDGY. And please be responsible when it comes to your wine drinking. Especially when playing wine pong or doing wine funnels. Those can kick your butt fast.